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Media Coverage of Al
Al’s expertise as a leading turnaround executive and shareholder advocate have led to interviews in a number of prominent print publications and appearances on national broadcast news programs.

New Coverage Focusing the 2014 sale of Harris Interactive to Nielsen, with Al taking the leadership role

NEW Daily Research News Online, February 3, 2014
Daily Research News Online analyzes the Harris deal

NEW StreetInsider, February 3, 2014
StreetInsider delves into the impact of the Nielsen/Harris deal

NEW NASDAQ.com, November 29, 2013
NASDAQ.com dedicates an Analysts Blog to the recent Harris deal

NEW Research-Live.com, February 3, 2014
Research-Live notes Al’s success at Harris

Broadcast and Online

Fox Business News, June 30, 2011
Al says that it’s time to take a non-partisan approach to fixing an economy that just refuses to heal.

CNBC, June 2, 2011
On the Kudlow Report Al discusses a survey of job seekers conducted by TRiG Research showing that the unemployed are more discouraged about their job searches than when they began their searches.

Yahoo Finance, June 1, 2011
New Study Shows Job Seekers Feel Less Encouraged About Employment

Fox Business, May 23, 2011
Al explains why the current U.S. financial model is unsustainable.

NASDAQ.COM, March 24, 2011
2011: The Year of Mobile
Al examines the impact of mobile devices on world events.

Fox Business, February, 2, 2010
Al discusses the results of the Small Business Sentiment survey showing that there was no real job growth in the economy.

foxbusiness.com, 7/2/10
Al breaks down the June unemployment report and offers some ways the government can spur job growth.

CNBC, 7/2/10
Al discusses America's falling stature in 1987 and whether it is happening again. He is joined by Stephen Rose of Georgetown University.

foxbusiness.com, 7/2/10
Al on why government stimulus is not creating more private-sector jobs.

Bloomberg TV News, 3/6/10
Al assesses the current state of Small Business, based on data from the Small Business Sentiment Survey.

Bloomberg TV News, 2/16/10
Al discusses the reluctance of small business owners to hire new employees

Fox Business, 2/5
Al discusses data from the Small Business Sentiment survey showing no real job growth in the Small Business sector.

Fox Biz, 1/8/10
Al looks at the role of Small Business hiring in producing a stubbornly high unemployment rate.

CNBC 12/31/09
On Street Signs, Al explains why improvements in the unemployment rate may not signal real recovery.

CNBC, September 3, 2009
Al discusses the state of the labor market

Fox Business, July 13, 2009
Al talks about the effect of small business problems on job growth.

CNBC, August 11, 2009
Al discusses the issue of judges determining bonuses.

CNBC, October 2, 2009
Al discusses the growing problem of unemployment in small businesses.

Fox Business, September 4, 2009
Al participates in a news segment entitled, V-Shaped Recovery, L-Shaped Job Outlook?

Fox Business, August, 14, 2009
Al lends his expertise to the issue of a deadline for the pay czar.

CNBC, August 14, 2009
Al is one of the Bulls & Bears discussing Ben Bernanke.


Research, June 20, 2011
Author Brian Tarran looks at the challenges Al faces as new Interim CEO for Harris Interactive.

Wall Street Journal, June 5, 2011
Columnist Al Lewis interviews Al about the not-so-healthy state of the economy.

U.S. News and World Report, June 3, 2011
Jobs Report Shows Market Still Sputtering

Financial Post, 2/20/10
Author Janet Whitman turns to Al for input on the importance of Small Business to the general economy.

Barron's, 11/30/2009
Al discusses small business owners' struggle to survive.

New York Post, September 29, 2009
The Dead End Kids

CNN Money, November 2, 2009
Al is quoted in a CNN story about the effect of stimulus money on jobs.

Business Examiner, October 26, 2009
Small Businesses Remain Stressed

Information Week/bMighty, October 27, 2009
What to expect when you're expecting a recovery

Orange County Register, October 28, 2009
Sixty-five percent fear their businesses will fail

CIO Today, September 23, 2009
Is the antidote to a jobless recovery right here?

The International Forecaster, September 30, 2009
Dangers, Failures, Diversions and Shortfalls

Bloomberg News, April 14, 2009 
Al discusses loss of shareholder rights in the auto industry bailout 


Small Business Hour, November 2, 2009
Al discusses the state of small business

In August and September of 2007, Ray Hoffman of CEO Radio, WCBS Radio 88, interviewed Al through a series of eight programs. Click on the links below to hear these interviews
Program I, August 22, 2007
Program II, September 6, 2007
Program III, September 7, 2007
Program IV, September 10, 2007
Program V, September 10, 2007
Program VI, September 10, 2007
Program VII, September 10, 2007
Program VIII, September 10, 2007

Al in the Media

Presentation of Media Coverage


The Fixer, Impact, June, 2014.


George Washington is my personal favorite turnaround expert, triumphing in a war that the world did not think he could win. He did it mostly through inspired leadership as reflected in his call to action to the troops before crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day, 1776. “Let it be told to the future world ... that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive ... that the city and country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth and survived.”

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