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Industry analysts that Al and his proven turnaround model can make the difference between renewal and failure for a troubled company.

Kyle Evans, Stephens, Inc.
“We believe the Board made the right decision appointing Al Angrisani as SRVY's new CEO. He was successful in his tenures at Total Research and Harris Interactive, and we expect him to integrate SRVY's recent acquisitions, realign the Company's expense structure to better match its revenue opportunity, and improve the quality of its data assets.”

“We believe Al Angrisani can turn Greenfield Online's online market research business around, and that the successful integration of the Company's panel assets and signs of growth in the second half of 2006 could move the stock back into the double digits.”

"...we believe Al Angrisani continues to execute on his well-defined turnaround plans.”

“Al Angrisani is a proven turnaround CEO and is properly motivated through substantial option ownership...... The new CEO [Angrisani] has lowered SG&A expenses, invested in panel assets, maintained an impressive gross margin and grew EBIT margin 900 bps sequentially to 15.1% in 2Q.”

"SRVY's business now appears to be on much more solid ground from a managerial, operational, competitive and strategic perspective after18 months under the guidance of Al Angrisani."

Doug Anmuth, Lehman Brothers
“Importantly, under new CEO, Albert Angrisani, Greenfield is beginning to address the issues and is focused on improving operations by 1) normalizing the cost structure through headcount and overhead reductions, and 2) stabilizing the top-line by reorganizing the sales force and improving customer service and survey execution.”

“.....we believe there are no quick fixes at SRVY and the new CEO is on the right path in terms of rightsizing the co. while preparing it for future growth”

“We are more optimistic on Greenfield based on the company's progress over the last couple quarters under new CEO Al Angrisani... “

Sandra Notardonato, Adams Harkness & Hill
“…With the leadership of its current COO and president, Mr. Al Angrisani, who joined Harris Interactive following the acquisition of Total Research in November 2001, Harris Interactive turned the corner on profitability in its fiscal Q4 of FY02.”

Collin Gillis, Adams Harkness & Hill
“New CEO Albert Angrisani had served at Harris Interactive, and is viewed as an aggressive leader with deep connections in the marketing research industry.”

Ali Raza, Red Chip Companies
“Mr. Angrisani brings strong industry turnaround experience. He was instrumental in the successful turnarounds of, first, Total Research and, then, Harris Interactive. Under his leadership, Harris achieved operating profitability, delivered over $250 million in incremental shareholder value and went from losing money when Mr. Angrisani joined to double-digit EBITDA margins by the time he left.”

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