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Biography of Turnaround Expert, Former Assistant Secretary of Labor, Author and Media Commentator, Al Angrisani

headshotAl Angrisani is one of the top corporate turnaround experts in the United States. Over the past 20 years, he has rescued several large public companies that stood on the brink of disaster. His proven track record, time-tested model for change and reputation for expertise and integrity have prompted Boards of Directors of companies to place their trust in him. His understanding of and ability to dissect complex economic issues have made him a sought-after guest commentator on nationally broadcast news outlets, including CNBC and Fox Business News. Recently, Al further proved his expertise as a turnaround executive and shareholder advocate by authoring the well-received book, Win One for the $hareholders, a description of his proven model for corporate change and an exploration of current key economic issues.

After completing his most recent turnaround at Greenfield Online (formerly NASDAQ: SRVY), Al led the sale of the company to the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) for $497 million on October 13, 2008. Previous to that sale, Al had served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Greenfield Online/Ciao, the world’s largest provider of global consumer attitudes about products and services, via two distinct business units: web-based comparison shopping and Internet survey solutions. He had joined Greenfield Online/Ciao in September 2005 after the company experienced operating and financial difficulties. Prior to joining Greenfield/Ciao, Al was President and Chief Operating Officer of Harris Interactive, Inc. (2002 – 2004), (NASDAQ: HPOL), a leading Internet marketing research company and parent of The Harris Poll™. By the end of his tenure at Harris, Al led a turnaround that increased shareholder value by more than $200 million over the two-year period.

Prior to joining Harris, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Total Research Corporation (1999 – 2002), (NASDAQ: TOTL), which he merged with Harris Interactive after overseeing the company’s turnaround and a $100 million increase in its shareholder value.

Serving in the public sector, Al was President Reagan’s United States Assistant Secretary of Labor and Chief of Staff (1980 – 1984). As second in command at the Department of Labor, he managed $33 billion in annual budget outlays and 10,000 employees. A key accomplishment during his tenure was the creation of the Job Training and Partnership Act, a public and private partnership that saved billions of dollars and produced a more efficient federal training delivery system. In addition, Al restructured the pension and welfare benefits administration and the federal unemployment insurance system. Prior to serving in the federal government, he was a Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York (1972 – 1980).

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Lee Iacocca turned around a bankrupt Chrysler Corporation in the 1980s, only to watch it dissolve back into bankruptcy again 25 years later. This is proof positive that old habits die hard in troubled companies with troubled corporate cultures.  
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