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TurnVest Partners LLC: Investing In Turnaround Value Opportunities
TurnVest Partners LLC, is a new entity headed by Al Angrisani and dedicated to serving institutional investors interested in achieving high rates of return on investments in distressed public and private companies. The company actually came to life in 2015 when Angrisani Turnarounds LLC expanded its traditional business of providing operating and advisory services to distressed companies to include investing in the common or preferred equity of clients as part of a turnaround. Now TurnVest Partners is working to systematically invest in “turnaround value opportunities” from a growing pool of underperforming and distressed companies on the public stock exchanges and in the portfolios of private equity groups and hedge funds.

TurnVest identifies investment opportunities from a comprehensive list of companies that are largely micro- to mini-cap in size and meet certain industry specifications. Each of these companies is filtered through a proprietary operating model checklist Al has developed through 20 years of work with distressed companies. Based on specialized metrics, the checklist is a predictive tool to assess companies in the later stages of distress but very early stages of a turnaround. This allows Al to properly assess the right entry point into the company from a valuation perspective, thereby properly identifying where to invest and what a realistic exit valuation will be for investors.

The new firm rests on the solid foundation and track record of Angrisani Turnarounds LLC, which since its inception has generated an IRR of 38% and Gross Multiple of 2.7X for investors/shareholders. Our success has created a steady stream of new turnaround opportunities as well as investment opportunities for the many institutional investors that have benefited from our previous efforts. That’s why Angrisani Turnarounds LLC has expanded its mission to include active investment in public turnaround opportunities through the newly created affiliate TurnVest Partners LLC.



Angrisani Turnarounds, LLC
Restoring shareholder value in a troubled public company is a unique challenge that requires an experienced leader and a proven turnaround value creation model. In fact, in uncertain economic times, it is more important than ever that a troubled company get expert help from someone who has proven he can breathe life back into a faltering business. More than ever before, when the Board of Directors stands at the brink of a decision to bring a new CEO and leadership into a company and change the business model, that choice can make the difference between the successful restoration of shareholder value, or the ultimate failure of the company.

Over the last 20 years, Al has built a reputation as one of the nation’s top corporate turnaround executives. From the start, that reputation has been founded on recognized expertise and integrity, prompting the Boards of several large, public companies to place their trust in him.

book coverAs one way of reflecting his commitment to shareholders and shareholders’ right, Al recently authored the book, Win One for the $hareholders, a look at the time-tested approach that has grown out of his work with companies poised on the bring of failure. It also explores some of the central issues of the time, including the widespread failure of many American companies and government institutions.

In the end, the book is a roadmap that charts the course from widespread corporate failure back to corporate successes and a healthier corporate America.

Buy Win One for the $hareholders! now for $29.95. When you click the Buy Now button you’ll be taken to a PayPal page, where you can pay with a credit card or through your PayPal account. We’ll send the book right out to you.





As a leading expert on corporate turnarounds and shareholder rights, Al has become a sought-after guest on nationally broadcast new programs, appearing on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and regularly on Fox Business News. Click here for more on Al in the media.